Pubs @XLN Free Wi-Fi

XLN Wi-Fi for pubs

Give your regulars even more reasons to love your pub

Surfing the internet at the pub nowadays is as common as playing the fruit machine.

Whether your customers are checking updates during a big match, sharing photos of a big night out, or sneakily checking answers during a pub quiz, free Wi-Fi goes hand-in-hand with the experience they expect.

And while the big pub chains have always had the edge when it comes to offering Wi-Fi, XLN customers can now fight back.

How pubs benefit from XLN Wi-Fi:

  • More customers. 77% of people are more likely to visit a location that offers free Wi-Fi.
  • More repeat business. 69% of customers would re-visit the same premises if it offered free Wi-Fi.
  • Higher customer spend. 63% of customers are likely to spend more in a venue that offers free Wi-Fi.
  • Your bandwidth is carefully managed – so when football fans are sending their Tweets, the speed and quality of your own broadband won't be affected.
  • As a public-facing product, we're liable for it. So you don't need to worry.

To find out more about getting Wi-Fi for your pub: Request a callback    or call 0800 085 3152

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