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XLN Wi-Fi for hotels

Whether it's for business or pleasure, free Wi-Fi is a top priority for hotel guests

While most hotels now offer Wi-Fi access, it's often expensive and complicated to access.

For business travellers, this is a big problem – they're here to work. And for all other visitors, it's a lot of hassle, and the last thing they need while they're getting away from it all is stress.

So for hotels there's now a simple solution: free Wi-Fi from XLN.

How hotels benefit from XLN Wi-Fi:

  • More customers. 77% of people are more likely to visit a location that offers free Wi-Fi.
  • More repeat business. 69% of customers would re-visit the same premises if it offered free Wi-Fi.
  • Higher customer spend. 63% of customers are likely to spend more in a venue that offers free Wi-Fi.
  • Your bandwidth is carefully managed – so when guests are skyping, the speed and quality of your broadband won't be affected.
  • As a public-facing product, we're liable for it. So you don't need to worry.

To find out more about getting Wi-Fi for your hotel: Request a callback    or call 0800 085 3152

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