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Free Wi-Fi from XLN

More customers. More repeat business. More ways to compete with the giants.

We're on a mission to help small businesses across the UK to grow. And our latest venture – XLN Wi-Fi – takes that mission to the UK's high streets. Find your nearest FREE hotspot here.

77% of customers are more likely to visit businesses that offer free public Wi-Fi, while 63% say they'd keep coming back. XLN Wi-Fi gives XLN customers the chance to take advantage of these trends.

Want FREE Public Wi-Fi for your business that’s FREE for your customers? Demand is high, please call us to check availability on 0800 085 3152 or click here to get it FREE with any of our Fibre packages. It's our way of bringing some life and colour back to British high streets. Because we, like most people, think vibrant, varied and independent high streets are worth fighting for.

Easy for you. Easier for your customers.

If you're an XLN Broadband or Fibre customer, getting XLN Wi-Fi couldn't be easier. In fact, you don't have to do anything - we just switch you on.

As for your customers, there's no charge, and no lengthy sign-in process. It's quick, simple, and once they're set up, they'll be able to connect at every XLN Wi-Fi hotspot around the country. No stress. No hassle. No cost.

All your questions answered

Our detailed FAQs should cover everything you need to know.

What is XLN Wi-Fi?

XLN Wi-Fi is a free service for you and your customers that can be used with any Wi-Fi enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

It allows you to offer a legally compliant Wi-Fi service to your customers, meaning you no longer need to give away your private Wi-Fi password. You can now browse safely when you are connected to your own private Wi-Fi.

Providing Wi-Fi means that you are more likely to attract new customers. Better still, those customers typically stay longer and spend more – becoming increasingly loyal, and increasingly profitable.

How is Wi-Fi activated?

We will always activate XLN Wi-Fi remotely, and to do this we upgrade the settings on your router. During the upgrade process you may notice that your router connection goes offline for a short while – usually no longer than 5 minutes. Make sure you don't turn it off during the upgrade process as it will need to start all over again the next time you turn it on.

It's a good idea to keep your router switched on at all times. This is important for your upgrade but it's also important in ensuring you always get the best possible broadband speeds.

If your router is not switched on when we attempt to upgrade it, XLN Wi-Fi will begin the next time it connects to the internet. You may notice that it takes an extra couple of minutes to connect to the internet during the upgrade.

These changes will not affect your private settings, or devices connected to your private network.

Where should I put my router?

Locking your router away in a cupboard or putting it next to appliances such as microwaves and electronic till systems can have a real impact on the wireless performance.

It's not always easy but you should try to put your router in an unobstructed location – preferably not on the floor or next to thick walls. Your router's wireless signal will reach further if you put it in a central location to where you, your colleagues and your customers will be connecting to it.

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