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Doing our bit
for the planet

Through e-billing, we’re cutting down on waste.


Go paperless, and help us become a lean, green machine

Since XLN began 15 years ago, we’ve been fully committed to our environmental responsibilities. And as we’ve grown, we’ve become increasingly conscious of what we can do to limit our carbon footprint.

Over two thirds of our customers use e-billing

We actively encourage our customers to go paperless and receive e-bills. And it’s paid dividends, with the vast majority of them opting in.

If you’re an XLN customer, switch to e-billing today and join the tens of thousands that are already helping us to help the environment.

We’re always finding ways of being green

We’re serious about green issues, so we know that simply doing enough isn’t good enough.

So we make environmentally conscious decisions every day. Whether it’s the way we travel, or through providing our employees with re-usable cups and glasses to avoid plastic waste, we’re constantly making green corporate choices.

We’ve also previously worked with The CarbonNeutral Company – one of the world’s leading carbon offsetting organisations. Projects we’ve supported include the preservation of rainforests in Borneo – key habitat for the endangered Borneo Orangutan.

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