Why should you use a specialist business telephone provider?

One of the questions we get asked the most is why a small business should use a specialist business telephone provider rather than a residential or general telecoms supplier.

Our answer is simple: a specialist business telephone provider will save you money. Here are some of the key areas that make a business specialist like XLN stand out from the crowd.

We understand your needs

Every telecoms provider claims to understand what their customers want, but the reality is that when those customers come from across the board it’s difficult to really know each individual requirement.

That’s where we gain the advantage. Because we only work with small businesses, we’ve been able to tailor our products and services to our customers. What’s more, we understand that when you’re starting out in the world of small business, you need a provider that appreciates your urgency and gets you what you need as quickly as possible.

Help when you need it

Our award-winning customer service is on hand around the clock. That means if you have a fault or issue with your business telephone or business broadband, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’re here to help whenever you need it. Faster resolution means less time waiting for things to be fixed and more time getting on with business.

Say goodbye to long waiting times

We know how frustrating it is when you have an issue and call your provider for help, only to find yourself stuck in a queue that seems to last for days. That’s why we’ve invested in our contact centres, all of which are based right here in the UK. Our call answer times are faster than every major telecoms provider out there, and we always aim to pick up the phone within three rings. If you need help, we’ll be with you right away.

Only pay for what you need

We pride ourselves on being a low-cost alternative for small businesses, and we keep our prices budget-friendly by making sure you never pay for anything you don’t need. We understand that you don’t want to pay higher call costs during business hours, and that you don’t want to pay for network capacity or services you don’t need or use. That’s why we take all of these points into consideration when you sign up to XLN, and give you a package that’s tailored especially to your small business.

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upgrade to business class.

We understand that you depend on your business phone line and broadband, so we give you quicker and more reliable connections than residential customers.

What’s more our service is optimised with dynamic line management offering the best speed and efficiency. All at great value prices.


Save up to 48% on XLN business broadband packages compared to BT.

That’s got to be good for business.