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Helping small businesses make big savings.

At XLN, we’re extremely proud of what we do. However, we’re not the heroes here. That accolade belongs to our customers, the small but oh so powerful businesses of Great Britain. The backbone of the economy. The engine of growth. The powerhouse of employment.

But all too often these heroes get nothing short of a really raw deal from their suppliers, the large, irrelevant, consumer-oriented goliaths. Individually, small businesses just don’t have the clout to negotiate fair prices from the big corporations in telecoms, utilities and financial services. But standing side by side, standing tall together, the purchase power of hundreds of thousands of small businesses can rise up against the corporate giants and make XLN savings every day.

So calling all the one-man bands, the butchers, baristas and cupcake makers. The hairdressers and gardeners, chippies and sparks; the landlords, opticians, book-keepers and bakers. The techies in start-up lands and the growing businesses with many pairs of hands. All the doers and grafters, the makers and shakers, the unsung heroes who make our lives a little better every day.

818 sport and fitness


The service is great; we have faster speeds and unlimited service for less money


Murat Gecman,

MG Fit in Fitness

17,165 shops


Going with XLN, my bills have reduced from £70 a month to £20!


Mahel Shah,


4,819 restaurants


I’ve saved a minimum of 25% on my phone and broadband


Levent Erguden,

Fig and Olive.

4,114 mechanics


I save about 20% on my business broadband and phone line


Mervyn Bennett,

Bancroft Motors

7,915 manufacturers


With XLN I’ve been paying £18 a month…I would definitely recommend them


Theresa Akinpelumi,


8,906 hairdressers


I’ve been a customer of XLN since I opened in 2004, so a good 10 years!


Marco Vettorello,

Why Not Hairdressing

4,287 farms


I think XLN offer good value for their products


Ralph Metson,

Pooty Pools Farm

Helping you save every day in every corner of the UK

Our ever growing team of more than 250 professionals have helped more than 250,000 small businesses across the UK save money every day. We really understand what you need because we’re dedicated to helping every type and size of small business from mechanics to accountants and farmers to hairdressers.

If you're just starting up or looking to switch your business phone line or broadband provider, find out what XLN can offer you. Whatever your business, we’ll tailor services to suit your exact needs and help you make great savings. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say.

There's a lot more to XLN than you think

We help small businesses with more than just great value phone and broadband services. We also help them make savings every day on essentials such as card processing, mobile, gas and electricity. All of which adds up to a great deal.


When you need a helping hand, we’re here to help 24/7. You won’t get lost in the system or ever have to speak to a robot, just our friendly UK-based experts answering your call within 3 rings. What’s more all our team are given extensive training to ensure they really understand your needs.


Chosen by more small businesses than any other dedicated business telecoms specialist in the UK.

We’re second only to BT in size, but with over 100 awards collected over the past 10 years, we’re second to none for service.


When you need a helping hand, we're here to help 24/7.

What's more, you won't get lost in the system or ever have to speak to a robot, just our friendly UK-based experts.