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Why choose VoIP for your business?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system makes calls by utilising your broadband line and requires either a VoIP IP Phone, VoIP adapter or, where a provider can offer; compatible software. It works by converting analogue voice signals into digital signals, transmitting these over the internet as data and then converting them back to voice signals. Businesses who consider switching to a VoIP system are open to lots of advantages, which largely outweigh the benefits of a traditional phone line.

You can save money. VoIP is a lot less costly than a landline because it avoids many extra charges like installation and maintenance charges. Recent technological improvements mean the call quality often surpasses that of traditional telephone calls. It is easy to incorporate many different services on a VoIP line so you can save a considerate amount of money. If your business makes frequent long distance calls, VoIP could be very beneficial.

It’s portable and flexible. The system can function almost anywhere with a broadband connection. You will always be available, whether in or out of your office. You can integrate mobile phones into your VoIP network or computers can be linked to the system, which helps streamline the working environment.