XLN fibre. The internet without limits.

XLN Fibre. The internet without limits.

Broadband with superpowers!

Get ready to give your business a boost with unlimited, superfast, super reliable Fibre Optic Broadband from XLN

We're on a mission to help our 'Heroes of the Economy', the small businesses of Britain who make our lives a little better every day . It's part of our ongoing promise to always deliver the highest level of service, with no compromise on quality, and with the reassurance that you'll never pay too much ever again.

With XLN Fibre you can share files, back up, bank, surf the web, take bookings and payments fast - really fast. Enjoy browsing and download speeds of up to 5x the UK average. You can even upload up to 20x faster!

Welcome to Broadband without limits.
The internet the way it should be.

Cheaper than BT.


Save up to £529 vs equivalent BT Fibre package with no compromise on quality!

  • FREE Plug & Play router
  • FREE online security
  • Truly UNLIMITED usage
Never worry about paying too much again.


Simply key your phone number into our Fibre checker tool and find out what speeds your line can support.

So, what is superfast?
Speeds of up to 76Mbps mean that A 100mpbs file could be downloaded in just 11 seconds. The same file could take up to 2 minutes on a standard 7Mb broadband connection.

The difference in upload speed is even greater.
To put it into perspective, uploading on average 40Mb mp3 album (it's great for personal usage too!) could take over 5 mins on a standard 7Mb broadband connection, but with XLN Fibre the same file could take only 16 seconds.

Is Fibre optic broadband available in your area?
What broadband speed can I get?
Test your connection on our Fibre checker tool.

Fibre checker tool

Why XLN Fibre?



£407 cheaper than BT.

  • Up to 76Mb Fibre Broadband
  • Inclusive landline calls & 500 mobile minutes
  • Online Security
  • 100% dedicated to small business
  • Great British Service! UK based customer support
  • Average call answer timer under 7 seconds
  • Over 80% issues resolved on the first call
  • Always cheaper than BT. Guaranteed.
  • Great saving across all essential services. From Phone to Fibre, from Gas to Electricity to Card Payments



£407 more expensive than XLN.

  • Up to 76Mb Fibre Broadband
  • Inclusive landline calls & 500 mobile minutes
  • Online Security

Another reason why so many Small Businesses are leaving BT to join XLN every single day.


Get a free router with all our packages. Pre-configured and ready to go straight out of the box. What could be easier?

Great british service. From great British call centres.

When you need a helping hand, we're here to help 24/7.

What's more, you won't get lost in the system or ever have to speak to a robot, just our friendly UK-based experts.