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Postponement of 2mbps broadband target will not harm the economy

The postponement of the government's two megabit per second (mbps) broadband target will not have any adverse impacts on the economy.

This is the view of Edd Dawson, editor of, who claimed the goal was "pretty lamentable" in the first place.

He pointed out: "The majority of people can get at least more than double this already, so I don't see this as causing huge damage to the wider economy in the short-term."

His comments come after culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said that instead of achieving universal broadband access with speeds of up to 2mbps by 2012, the date would be put back to 2015 because of insufficient funding.

However, despite his insistence that the move will not harm economic growth, Mr Dawson acknowledged that it will come as no consolation to the "minority" of homes and businesses that are still suffering with speeds below 2mbps.

According to Ofcom, average broadband speeds in the UK increased from 4.1mbps in April 2009 to 5.2mbps in May 2010.


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