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BT increases call costs by 34%

telephoneBritish Telecom has increased the cost of making a daytime telephone call by 34 per cent, due to a 17% rise in the charge per minute and an increase in call connection fees.

The telecoms giant first increased the cost of calls in April, and has now outlined plans for a second increase from October 1. The combined effect has seen priced rise from 3.91p a minute to 5.25p.

The company is also putting up the cost of connecting a call for the second time in less than six months.

Only customers who read the small print of a letter sent out by BT in the past few days will be aware of the change, meaning many customers will be surprised by hike in their next bill.

The increase will add hundreds of millions of pounds to the bills of both domestic and business users, at a time when UK consumers are struggling to fight the recession.

Small businesses, which will be hard hit by the increases, have called on the UK’s biggest telecoms provider to think again.


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