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High court review to abolish DEA?

Internet service providers (ISPs) TalkTalk and BT have successfully campaigned to get the Digital Economy Act reviewed by the High Court.

The controversial legislation could be thrown out for breaching European human rights law.

Under its proposals, households suspected of downloading digital content illegally could have their internet connection removed.

ISPs are expected to report on consumers that they believe are involved in such activities.

Commenting on their success in getting the Act reviewed, TalkTalk's director of strategy and regulation Andrew Heaney said: "The provisions to try to reduce illegal file-sharing are unfair, won't work and will potentially result in millions of innocent customers who have broken no law suffering and having their privacy invaded."

The Act was pushed in by the former Labour government before the general election, with only six per cent of MPs attending the actual debate on the legislation.

Its regulation will come under full review in February, with a high court judge assessing whether it violates the European e-commerce directive that is intended to protect ISPs.



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