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Cloud computing revolution ‘already here’

More than eight in ten enterprises have at least one cloud service, new research has found.

Businesses are shifting towards “cloud thinking” when planning their IT infrastructure, according to the survey from CA Technologies.

Larger enterprises showed higher uptake rates, with 92 per cent using one cloud service and more than half (53 per cent) claiming to make use of more than six.

Executives surveyed in the report attributed the appeal of cloud computing to its cheapness (44 per cent), while more than a third (35 per cent) see it as enabling more control over outgoings, as there are fewer externalities to consider in relation to IT infrastructure.

In addition, the adoption of cloud computing was found to be a major motivator for staff, who are benefiting from its efficiency (35 per cent).

However, firms were found to be fearful about losing data and control over some of their operations.

One in four executives surveyed thought they would have less control over the quality of their services if they were delivered through the cloud, while approximately half worried about the impact on the working environment.

Research published by the Centre for Economics and Business Research earlier in the month claimed that EU economies could save £645 billion by adopting cloud computing technologies.


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